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Re: Support for Hiro WLAN USB Adapter 802.11b/g/n, was Re: Will the Intel I350 network adapter be supported in NetBSD 6.0?

> Hi,
>> If the Intel I350 network adapter has just gotten support for NetBSD
>> 6.0, what about the Hiro WLAN USB adapter, part number H50191?
>> Chip is Realtek RTL8191S
>> Hiro web site is
>> I think there might be (preliminary?) support for this in NetBSD-HEAD in
>> urtwn.
> Support for urtwn wireless was pulled up to NetBSD 6 with pull up #326
> (*),
> so is included in the daily builds, for example:
> and will be in NetBSD 6.0.  However, the RTL8191S is not explicitly
> mentioned
> in the manual page, nor in the code, but it might be matched by one of the
> other product ID's.

Unfortunately it doesn't appear that the RTL8191S is not supported via the
urtwn driver. See:

Jason M.

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