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Re: need to disable IPv6

On Thu, 28 Jun 2012, Ignatios Souvatzis wrote:

The problem is a garbage in stderr produced by ftp(1) and some others

I see no garbage.  I see the same message all the Berkeley command-line
networking utilities have emitted for decades when they could not
connect to the first known address for a host with multiple addresses.

I don't know that - but I agree that it is confusing to the uninitiated
when in non-verbose mode. I'd make it conditional on verbose, and show
the error for the *last* address in the loop in any case.

This is a useful diagnostic message.  Do not remove it.  NetBSD is not
Linux, nor is it DOS; it is BSD Unix, this is how the BSD tools have
always worked, and there is no reason to change it now.

Are you sure about the decades? At least the current loop through the
resolver results is the standard one recommended for protocol agnostic
applications recommended with the new IPv6-aware API, as far as I can

I don't intend to remove the message but for the looping case as
long as we're not on the last address to be tried, and only for
the non-verbose case (-V). The default is verbose.

I have a diff ready, although only tested on netbsd-6.


It is fine without the diff. The only current IPv6 problem seems to be 'npf' for the moment. OpenBSD's implementation will obviously be the only one to consider for the next year or two; however, place your experiments inside and not on the border of the topology. IPv6 is the where the code *should* be going!


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