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Re: floating point exception on 6.0 Beta 2

Hi John,

I won't add much information, I was trying to install 6.0 beta2 too by installing from another computer (and it is not a dell inspiron, so it is not machine specific. I did a lot of tests while getting a bootlable hard disk to put in an OmniBook 800 which has no CD. I tried using the HD in an USB case or even putting it inside a "donor" laptop.

On 06/26/12 09:46, John Refling wrote:
Not sure if this is only 6.0 Beta issue, or a quirk of this machine that has
been around for a while.  This is a Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop.
It is not specific for your machine. I don't remember what I was tinkering on a couple of days ago, but definitely not your make.

If enter anything other than the 32154 disk size (default provided for the
size), it crashes
Attached jpg is screen shot, description below if it does not get posted:
I got the same problem.


PS: I got no luck with netbsd on the OmniBook yet...

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