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floating point exception on 6.0 Beta 2

Not sure if this is only 6.0 Beta issue, or a quirk of this machine that has
been around for a while.  This is a Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop.

Seems that if I do the install from booted install CD and there was *ANY*
(win XP, NetBSD, FreeBSD) OS on the hd, AND I ask to size the NetBSD
partition to less than the full disk size, I get a floating point exception.

If I do a 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/wd0d' then return back to the sysinst, I
can select a smaller sized partition without floating point exception, and
things work.

If I have XP installed on a small partition, and want to put NetBSD in a
partition following XP, after I get the floating point exception, I can
manually use fdisk to create the desired size partition, then return back to
sysinst, and the install will work.  Obviously don't want to dd if=/dev/zero
in this case, since want to keep small partition with installed XP on it.

If enter anything other than the 32154 disk size (default provided for the
size), it crashes.

Attached jpg is screen shot, description below if it does not get posted:

The a: mbr partition is 6gb XP.
The b: mbr partition I would like to be NetBSD partition (of 6gb, less than
entire disk)

When one changes the size of the b: mbr partition using the c: option in the
foreground window, it crashes.

The error message is:

[1] Floating point exception ${cmd}
To return to the installer,....


John Refling

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