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Re: Web browser: stuck with Opera-9.62


On 02/20/12 12:36, wrote:
My own experience with forked projets (GRASS ->  KerGIS, TeX distribs ->
kerTeX) is to do them because _I'm_ interested in them, not expecting
too much from others (never gave anything for public KerGIS [proprietray
version is still and more alive]; a little for kerTeX)... So I
perhaps I can get somebody interested in GNUstep and in SWK. GNUstep is a quite underrated project and it runs quite quite well on NetBSD. There is only one application not working, the rest is all fine, even quite complex stuff.

Perhaps we can "hope" that the whole Web will collapse by the very size
of the software blackholes and, since everything depends on uniq sites
or features (Cloud anybody), that a local desaster will become a mondial
desaster, and hence we will get rid of these... "things".
Heh, I don't think we wil get rid of them pretty soon. However I think that we as "open source" people, thinking about freedom, should take it more seriously and see what the opensource offering could be in that field. The web is not bad per se. It is a crap of what it has become, how it is "Misused".


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