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Re: Using makefs(8) for bootable cdrom

On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 03:47:48PM +0100, Julian Djamil Fagir wrote:
> Wouldn't it be better to integrate that either to makefs(8) or installboot(8)?

Certainly not installboot, and I doubt makefs should be extended to that

> And what about the other platforms? How are the boot images created for them?

You can check for each platform in src/etc/etc.$ARCH/ For
sparc64 you will find:

            ${HOST_SH} ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/distrib/common/ \
            ${CDROM_IMAGE} - - - - ${ISOBOOTFILE}

and looking at the script will probably give you all the rope
you need. It is a bit more complicated than absolutely necessary, but it can
create a CD image (with shared ISO9660 part) that is bootable on various
sun architectures. You can look at an existing sun bootable CD on any
sun machine by mounting (for example) the a: and the f: partition (if
you count - above, you see that slot a is ${CDROM_IMAGE} and slot f is

Another arhitecture with similar postprocessing is sgimips.

Worst architectures are mac* - some machines need a HFS formated filesystem,
which makefs can not currently create.


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