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Re: Using makefs(8) for bootable cdrom


> > How would I e.g. create a bootable SPARC cdrom?
> "Not that easy". You create a generic CD9660 image with the contents,
> then create a ffs image with the boot stuff (including bootloader and
> kernel, and probably a config file telling the bootloader to tell the
> kernel to use cd0a as root file system), then join both images with the
> sunlabel tool (or $TOOLDIR/bin/nbsunlabel).
How would you merge the two images? Just create a single image with two
partitions, but how to write that to a CD?
Could you please provide a step-by-step tutorial for what exactly to do? I
never managed to see the sense of sunlabel, I always thought sun disklabels
were only specific BSD disklabels.
Wouldn't it be better to integrate that either to makefs(8) or installboot(8)?

And what about the other platforms? How are the boot images created for them?

Regards, Julian

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