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Re: telnetd problem?

Hi Herb,

On 1/19/2012 7:47 AM, herbert langhans wrote:
I had to use a client's machine to telnet into a 3.1(x86)
box, yesterday.  His telnet client (<mumble>  running
under XP) gave me fits trying to login.

Is the telnet client something what came with XP? This thing wont work
well at all.

No.  It's a third party package (sorry, I didn't make a note
of the vendor).  I have experience with the MS telnet client
and noted that this was different.  I will try to take better
notes, on my next visit, and compare the MS client to this one.

I use ssh and the Putty-client if I have to work on my server. If I
remember right there is even a Telnet-Putty, but I am not sure it is an
XP-version (if it makes any difference with that Windows-stuff).

I use PuTTY on my own machines.  But, telling a client he
should/must install a particular piece of software (especially
when he obviously as already purchased a third party client)
tends to meet with a bit of... "resistance"?  :>

[Like MD's telling patients to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise...]

If its your server I suggest to use sshd and Putty. Works perfect for
me, is fast and safe.

herb langhans

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