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telnetd problem?


I had to use a client's machine to telnet into a 3.1(x86)
box, yesterday.  His telnet client (<mumble> running
under XP) gave me fits trying to login.

Eventually, I *stumbled* into the machine.  Then, found
damn near every command I tried to type (at sh prompt)
met by ": not found".

Long story short:  it appears that the ENTER key is
sending something unusual.

If I preface ENTER with ^J, I am able to get commands
to be recognized -- at least, they are *executed*!
But, each command's output is eventually followed by
": not found".

A quick poke through the telnet client's menus
didn't seem to turn up anything -- but, I was more
interested in getting out of there than solving
*that* problem.

Now, I'm trying to think of ways I can diagnose
what is happening -- hopefully, entirely on the
NetBSD side of the interface (so I don't have to
try to understand this wonky telnet client!).


I figure possibly arranging for the session to be
"raw" and just try to capture keystrokes to a file (?).
Then, examine the file's contents with a "working"
telnet client (or, at the console, etc.)

<frown>  Annoying little problem!


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