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Re: Re (2): OT: SPARC 13W3 video (cable) adapters

Hi Peter,

On 1/13/2012 8:18 AM, wrote:
From:   Julian Coleman<>
Date:   Fri, 13 Jan 2012 10:17:38 +0000
Look for a Sun 130-3034 (13W3-M/HD15-F) adapter, which will plug in
to the 13W3 connector on the frame buffer and can be used with a VGA cable.

A few years ago I bought such a cable from a vendor in California.
No Sun markings and nothing marked on the connectors.  The cable is
marked "E119932 RU AWM 2919 80\degC 30V VW-1 Low Voltage Computer Cable".
Wikipedia describes the connectors as DB13W3 (male) and DE-15F.

Hmmm... OK, I'll use the discrete *pins* on the connector as a
mnemonic for the actual gender (the coaxial pins leave me wondering
what they want themselves called!)

Here it connects a ViewSonic G653 to a Sparcstation 2 with CG6 video.
The vendor of the adapter told me that some monitors can not synchronize
with CG6.  In any case, the G653 works.

I've verified that my monitors can work with the "adapter cable"
(cable-ette?) that sits on the end of a traditional Sun video cable.
So, if I can find something electrically identical that I can insert
*at* the video card (instead of at the end of a cable), I should be

I am also hoping that the connector (adapter) plus "VGA" cable
will have less overall length than the Sun video cable plus ferrite
(i.e., so I can push the machines a bit closer to the wall without
mangling the cables)

Bought the adapter through eBay as I recall; $US17.85 including postage.
If I can find the name of the vendor, will post it.


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