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www/firefox unstable on 5.1/amd64/pkgsrc2011Q3?

I recently upgraded my home desktop to NetBSD 5.1_STABLE (GENERIC) #0: Sat Nov 5 and pkgsrc 2011Q3.

Since then, adobe-flash-plugin (built with libflashsupport-pulse, since I use GNOME) doesn't produce any sound at all.

Also, www/firefox 6.0.2 more often than not (but not constantly) degrade to crashing every time someone sends a chat message on facebook. Very annoying, especially when it decides to crash again when you restart it and it tries to display the very same message again. :-)

I haven't really started debugging this in any way, just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing similar problems with www/firefox 6.0.2 + adobe-flash-plugin on NetBSD-5.1/amd64 + pkgsrc-2011Q3. It is *really* unstable for me right now. I launch firefox with a tiny script like so:


ulimit -d $((1024*1024))
ulimit -n 1024
exec /usr/pkg/bin/firefox "$@"

..because older versions used to crash due to running out of file descriptors (and once upon a time, ulimit -d defaulted to something like 128MB regardless of amount of physical RAM)

Looking at .xsession-errors, there are thousands of:

*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** WARNING:(/usr/pkgsrc/www/nspluginwrapper/work/nspluginwrapper-1.2.2/src/npw-wrapper.c:2533):invoke_NPP_HandleEvent: assertion failed: (rpc_method_invoke_possible(plugin->connection))

..but I haven't yet tried to see if simply removing the flash plugin helps.

Thoughts & experiences?


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