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Re: Override the 16 chars username length

At Wed, 7 Dec 2011 02:23:26 +0000 (UTC), 
(Christos Zoulas) wrote:
Subject: Re: Override the 16 chars username length
> In article <>,
> Stefano Marinelli  <> wrote:
> >Hello everybody,
> >after some tweaking, I've been able to install a fully working
> >Virtualmin on a NetBSD-5 host. Everything is ok, except importing
> >already existing domains from a Debian Virtualmin installation.
> >The problem is that Virtualmin, on Debian, created long usernames while
> >NetBSD refuses to add users longer than 16 chars. On FreeBSD I was able
> >to modify some lines in the sources and solve the problem, is it also
> >possible on NetBSD? Where should I look?
> change LOGIN_NAME_MAX and recompile everything.

You may need to bump L_cuserid to match as well if you have any programs
which use cuserid(3), or any programs which use L_cuserid; and of course
those programs may also need to be recompiled and relinked.

I've had both doubled on all the systems I've built and used since the
1.6 days.

There are some programs which print usernames in columnar formatted
tables which don't cope well with even 16-character usernames, but so
far as I know nothing has ever actually broken when handed 32-character

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