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Monitoring Apache

Hi List,
some weeks age I finished my new webserver. Nice rack case, all
components well chosen and self assembled. A solid solution running
NetBSD with Apache, PHP, MySQL - the usual setup.. 

I am quite happy with NetBSD 5.1 - a very clean and comprehensive OS
what gets more close to Unix Standards then anything else i can

Anyway, I would like to monitor Apache, get the website statistics and
would like to get a convienient view on the things going on there. 

There are many solutions around, but the setup requires lots of time
just to try these packages (dependencies, adapting logfiles a.s.o).

Is there any slim solution what you can recommend. The server has no
X11, I could even avoid Python and other heavy and confusing
dependencies. There are about 20 websites running, mailserver and the
usual services.

What do you use on your servers?

herb langhans

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