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Re: Serving FQDNs with dnsmasq


On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 7:32 PM, Julio Merino <> 
> On 11/26/11 7:42 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> Thinking for only a minute, my reaction is that one is communicating a
>> "hostname" "domainname" tuple, then it's right for hostname to be just
>> one component, and we should be putting hostname.domainname as the
>> gethosthame(2) value.
> I had that thought too: if the value of the system hostname is supposed
> to be a fqdn, then dhclient should be concatenating the hostname and
> domainname options of the dhcp response to form the system hostname.
> But it doesn't.
> I'm wondering if this behavior of dhclient is expected and/or invalid
> for NetBSD?  A quick look at dhclient.conf doesn't seem to show anything
> relevant to change this behavior...
I do not quite understand your problems. but perhaps this may help:
Commands and output from this computer:
        pluto:dino {102} cat /etc/dhclient.conf
        interface "re0" {
        send host-name "pluto";
        pluto:dino {103} cat /etc/myname

In NetBSD I only use internal mail, so I have let my router supply the
domain-name ("home")

Kind regards
HansS Dinsen-Hansen ("Dino")

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