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Re: Serving FQDNs with dnsmasq

On 11/26/11 7:42 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Thinking for only a minute, my reaction is that one is communicating a
> "hostname" "domainname" tuple, then it's right for hostname to be just
> one component, and we should be putting hostname.domainname as the
> gethosthame(2) value.

I had that thought too: if the value of the system hostname is supposed
to be a fqdn, then dhclient should be concatenating the hostname and
domainname options of the dhcp response to form the system hostname.
But it doesn't.

I'm wondering if this behavior of dhclient is expected and/or invalid
for NetBSD?  A quick look at dhclient.conf doesn't seem to show anything
relevant to change this behavior...

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