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Re: HP Deskjet F380 All-in-One on NetBSD

Can you print to it without any printer daemon?

What happens when you send to your ulpt or ulpn directly?

Also can print using foomatic-rip without the printer daemon (for 

create /home/$USER/.foomatic/direct/.config
with default: line listing your ppd file, like:
default: HP-DeskJet_F300-hpijs

Then place that file to /home/$USER/.foomatic/HP-DeskJet_F300-hpijs.ppd
and edit near top:
*FoomaticRIPPostPipe: "| cat > /dev/ulpt0"

(fix ulpt0 as needed).

have permissions for the device:

sudo chmod g+rw /dev/ulpt0
(in my case I am in wheel group)

Then print using:

foomatic-rip -v filename

(It has been a while since I tried this, but hopefully this helps you 

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