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Re: bootable NetBSD CDs

Greg Troxel writes:
 >   I am trying to make some NetBSD CDs that will boot on Intel- and
 >   AMD-based hardware (including systems normally running Mac OS X).  I'm
 >   pretty sure I understand how to set up the filesystem prior to writing
 >   the ISO image.  I believe it should contain the following:
 > Did "./ iso-image", more or less, not do what you want?  I
 > suggest reading what it did to figure this out.  Are you trying to make
 > a multiarchitecture cd that boots on i386 and amd64 both?

I am familiar with the capabilities of, though I have not
looked at the internal details of how it works.  I guess I was not
entirely clear.  The issue is not with building a vanilla NetBSD
release CD, but rather a customized system that can be booted and run
from a CD.  I am also aware of mklivecd.  I'm mostly unfamiliar with
what is required to get a CD to boot NetBSD on recent Macs and wanted
to try to confirm that nothing special is required.

Ideally, yes, it would boot an i386 or amd64 kernel as appropriate for
whatever hardware is in play, but I'm not sure if that is possible.
How would the relevant kernel be selected?  Can an amd64 kernel run
i386 userland?  Is it better to just have two different CDs, one for
i386 and one for amd64?

Thanks for your help.


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