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bootable NetBSD CDs

I am trying to make some NetBSD CDs that will boot on Intel- and
AMD-based hardware (including systems normally running Mac OS X).  I'm
pretty sure I understand how to set up the filesystem prior to writing
the ISO image.  I believe it should contain the following:

- a more or less complete (as needed) NetBSD release,
- a kernel with root on cd0a,
- a copy of bootxx_cd9660, and
- a means of creating memory filesystem images for writable parts of
  the filesystem.

Have I missed anything?  I know I can create a similar image
(differing only in the kernel (root on sd0a) and boot loader
(bootxx_ffsv1)) for a USB drive that works fine, so I hope I have this

Assuming that is correct, I am more concerned about actually mastering
the ISO image with mkisofs, as I am pretty confused by the maze of
options and do not fully understand the intended contents of a CD that
can be booted on different hardware like this.

One suggestion is to use the following command line:

    mkisofs -no-emul-boot -J -R -v -b bootxx_cd9660 -o ISO_IMAGE ISO_FILESYSTEM

Will this create an image of the NetBSD system that is bootable on
"typical" Windows hardware as well as on "typical" Mac hardware?  Do I
need other options, e.g., -hfs or -l?

Thanks for any help that the ISO wizards out there care to offer.


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