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Re: iscsi initiator troubles [SOLVED]

Thanks for the tip- the 20111006 version of iscsi-initiator works great... I'm 
using it for backing storage for xen against istgt on another nebsd machine. 
One weird thing- when just playing with the initiator, after a 'disklabel -I -e 
vnd0' I got a spontaneous system reset right at the "write" moment coming out 
of vi... Have not upgraded istgt on the target system yet; will try that 

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From: "Stephen Borrill" <> 
To: "John Jaser" <> 
Cc: "Chavdar Ivanov" <>,, "Manuel Bouyer" 
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 3:55:45 AM 
Subject: Re: iscsi initiator troubles [SOLVED] 

On Mon, 17 Oct 2011, John Jaser wrote: 
> I started noticing weird symptoms when increasing the MTU on the 
> secondary (iscsi) ethernet ports on the three systems - could not get a 
> stable environment unless using MTU of around 3100 or smaller. That led 
> me to suspect that the cheapie Realtek gig-E cards and/or RE driver that 
> were common to the two netbsd systems was the culprit. 
> I replaced with three low-end Intel CT desktop adapters. Now, 9K MTU 
> works, and iscsi-initiator against iscsi_target now works well. 

Cool, perhaps it's time to try jumbo frames myself as those are exactly 
the cards I use. 

> I am 
> having problems with iscsi-initiator against istgt, but have not tried 
> the most current versions yet, and heard there may have been some 
> patches since 2/2011. 

Yes, please try the version in pkgsrc HEAD (not in 2011Q3). 


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