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Spontaneous Reboot (was Re: iscsi initiator troubles [SOLVED])

In Message <70f43d6b-6838-454e-9ae6-159777e7a5c3@win7_2>,
   John Jaser <>wrote:

=>Thanks for the tip- the 20111006 version of iscsi-initiator works
=>great... I'm using it for backing storage for xen against istgt on
=>another nebsd machine. One weird thing- when just playing with the
=>initiator, after a 'disklabel -I -e vnd0' I got a spontaneous system
=>reset right at the "write" moment coming out of vi... Have not
=>upgraded istgt on the target system yet; will try that tonight.

   I've gotten spontaneous reboots more than once recently when
restarting Firefox to add/remove/upgrade an extension. I'm running
amd64/5.99.56 from October 2.

                                        Gary Duzan

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