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Re: current kernel + userland just resets


On 09/29/11 06:43, matthew green wrote:
this should be fixed now, assuming it is the same problem:

it will have triggered under memory-pressure conditions.  the easy
test case was building qemu in a smaller VM.  i noticed that at
various points of the qemu build, cc1 grew to *over* 1GiB, and a
gas process had grown to over 400MiB.  so.. qemu is a good test of
straining the system.  this was also PR#45361.  the symptoms could
have been kind of anything since it was a memory corruption issue.
I just updated to 5.99.56 and see how it fares. I am under "tight" memory condition having only 256MBytes of ram on the laptop currently.

Yesterday, while using it directly, the machine froze completely under X11, needing a power-cycle. I don't know if it is related.

I just subscribed to current-users, it makes probably more sense to continue discussion there. I hope we can sort out these things before a release. It makes me uncomfortable to have an unstable NetBSD machine.


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