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Re: current kernel + userland just resets

I accidentally posted to the wrong list, since the subject had
to do with -current.  See also my postings starting with:

So it seems that something mangled a directory entry and anything
that accesses that directory triggers a panic--such as the nightly
maintenance scripts.

The kernel built from sources around 201109232200Z reboots due to the
panic, but leaves the machine unresponsive until power-cycled.

The kernel built from sources about 10 hours earlier also panics and
reboots, but successfully resumes normal operation.

I'm hoping this is just a transient glitch.  I've just built a few
iterations of 5.99.56 and will try them soon.  I'd like to fix the
mangled entry first, but that seems to be a useful panic trigger for
the time being.

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