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Re: "Real programs dump core"


I should have waited for your mail, and saved myself the work.  ;)

At 6:39 Uhr +0000 06.09.2011, Michael van Elst wrote:
>>Would a setuid root binary dump
>>core as root, or as the invoking uid?
>AFAIK, the dump occurs as the effective user.

So, in case of a setuid root binary, it should be able to dump core in

>>>     27 EFBIG File too large.  The size of a file exceeded the maximum.
>>>             system-wide maximum file size is 2**63 bytes.  Each file system
>>>             may impose a lower limit for files contained within it).
>EFBIG is also reported when the dump would exceed the core dump limit.

I guess, that's what you might get after setting the core limit to 0?

>sudo sets its own coredump limit: [...]

Yep. Found and tweaked that, got core.


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