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Re: "Real programs dump core"

On Mon, Sep 05, 2011 at 05:21:22PM +0200, Hauke Fath wrote:
> % fgrep "not dumped" /var/log/messages
> Sep  2 22:00:26 pizza /netbsd: pid 590 (sudo-1.7.7), uid 0: exited on
> signal 10 (core not dumped, err = 27)
> Sep  4 05:07:32 pizza /netbsd: pid 6605 (planner), uid 73: exited on signal
> 11 (core not dumped, err = 13)

     13 EACCES Permission denied.  An attempt was made to access a file in a
             way forbidden by its file access permissions.

     27 EFBIG File too large.  The size of a file exceeded the maximum.  (The
             system-wide maximum file size is 2**63 bytes.  Each file system
             may impose a lower limit for files contained within it).

I wonder if we should have an equivalent for kern.coredump.setid.path for
non-setid images.


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