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Re: ext2 > 128 : Adopting in NetBSD 5.1


>> Maybe upgrading to netbsd-5 branch. It is stable, with all the bugfixes and 
>> some important and safe enhancements 
> Ok. I have pkgsrc current. Would there be a module in that for ext2? Or do
> I have to install kernel sources?

The best option would be to install netbsd-5 branch system, as ext2 is a part 
of NetBSD OS and not an external module.
If you do not want to recompile the system, you can start from here: and
get the binary packages.

> I find ext2-fuse in pkgsrc. But it is just giving segmentation violation.
> I am not familiar with this. Shall I be using native driver in the kernel
> or fuse?

It is far better to use the native kernel driver.


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