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Re: Documentation on setting up smtp


> I find a lot of instructions to do this on web for Linux. But is there any
> good material for NetBSD on this topic? I am trying out some of the Linux
> instructions, though seems some settings are not exactly the same. It will
> be good to have documentation that is tailored for NetBSD.
what are the things you have undocumented in NetBSD? Did you have a look at
the manpage of postfix? There are dozens linked...
I consider the postfix documentation out there being generic, but if you see
some flaws, please say which ones, or document it yourself and send this
documentation to the group.
There are also several books about postfix, perhaps one of them could help.

> Any suggestions on alternatives to postfix are welcome. It should be
> simple to set up and it should have basic queue handling ability.
I think postfix is very simple and you will hardly find an easier one.
Especially if it's only about forwarding...

Regards, Julian

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