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Re: Update embeded gcc or not ?

On Tue, 23 Aug 2011 11:40 +0200, "Maurizio Caloro" <>
> If the installation are done two diffrent gcc are running in the
> System. Example: /usr/sbin/gcc - version 4.1 /usr/pkg/sbin/gcc -
> version 4.6 it's possible to disable the System GCC or it's this a
> misunderstanding?
> if the new installation running /usr/pkg/sbin/gcc - version 4.6 which
> Include / Sys folder are used this one under /usr/pkg/sbin/gcc/include
> /usr/pkg/sbin/gcc/.. are smaller as this one from Systembased

If I understand you correctly, you'd like to replace the system gcc
with gcc-4.6 from pkgsrc because the latter seems to be smaller.  Is
that correct?

If you've installed the pkgsrc gcc, then you can use it for compiling
pkgsrc packages using the GCC_REQD setting in /etc/mk.conf (see chapter
5 of the pkgsrc guide).  Note that as gcc's error checking gets
stricter, packages tend to break when compiled with the latest and
greatest gcc.

Note that /usr/pkg/sbin/gcc/include probably only contains the default
header files shipped with gcc, while the base system's include
directories contain header files for all the libraries in the base
system, most of which are compiler-independent.  Comparing their size
isn't meaningful.

-- IDL

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