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Update embeded gcc or not ?

Hello Together

Please it's this a good issue to Compile the new GCC4.6 to create after this 
any new Kernel or Comiling other Software?
make this improvment any sence or are this step not so nececary?

The embeded gcc on Netbsd are this complexer as any proparly installed GCC from 
PKGSRC tree?
 - Installing "gcc46" from "pkgsrc" are a light/smallone systeminstallation??

If the installation are done two diffrent gcc are running in the System.
/usr/sbin/gcc - version 4.1
/usr/pkg/sbin/gcc - version 4.6
it's possible to disable the System GCC or it's this a misunderstanding?

if the new installation running
/usr/pkg/sbin/gcc - version 4.6
which Include / Sys folder are used this one under 
are smaller as this one from Systembased

for me this are Knowhow building
thanks for any message that i can receive
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