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*BSD co-operation.

At Mon, 22 Aug 2011 19:39:18 +0200, "Julian H. Stacey" 
<> wrote:
Subject: Ports & Packages infrastructure & feature import. (fwd)
> My suggestions:
> - Subscribe a list or 2 on [SomeOther]BSD[s].org
> - Encourage people on [SomeOther] to subscribe a list on [Your]
> - Encourage BSD people to share ideas on best tools, methods, formats, 
> imports.

Even better would be to actually share more source code where possible
-- not just fixes and such, but actually sit down and work out shared
requirements and maybe even shared maintenance and even shared
repositories.  One very good place to start this would be the toolchain.

One thing that's bothered me from time to time is that NetBSD folks
(especially developers) don't seem to join in as much as any of the
other *BSD-ers at the one conference I've managed to get to in the past
few years, i.e. BSDCan.  (though there were some presentations by NetBSD
folks last spring , I don't think there were as many NetBSD people
amongst the attendees as even in prior years)

Perhaps even better than just being as involved as possible in
conferences would be to move the NetBSD developer's summits to the same
place and times as the FreeBSD DevSummits, most (if not all) of which
occur just prior to major *BSD-related conferences around the world,
including BSDCan.  Info about FreeBSD's developer meetings is here:

Most of the *BSD related conferences seem to be more FreeBSD-focused,
both in presentations and in attendees, and I would like to suggest that
it's not only because there are more people working on and interested in
FreeBSD, but also because of the co-location of the highly successful
FreeBSD DevSummits with these conferences.

If we could get more of all of the *BSD-ers to go to the same
conferences and to each also hold their own developer meetings at the
same times at these conferences, then perhaps we could also have an
official organized half-day or so with everyone in the same room too!  A
veritable UN of BSD!

Has there even been a NetBSD developer summit since 2009 (i.e. the one
prior to EuroBSDCon 2009)?

Was there any formal, i.e. organized, meeting of NetBSD developers with
FreeBSD developers at that time?  (There's no mention of anything
interaction with any other *BSDs in the FreeBSD 200909DevSummit reports
I can find online.)

                                                Greg A. Woods
                                                Planix, Inc.

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