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Re: server crashing

On 22/08/2011 21:07, Andy Ruhl wrote:

> On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 12:41 PM, Al Zick 
> <> wrote:
>> The only thing that is in /var/crash is one file: minfree
>> and it has a number in it 1024.
>> Is this information useful?
> No. I believe you need to do some configuration in order to get the
> panic to get written to the swap device, then upon reboot it gets
> copied to a file in /var/crash for debugging later on. I don't know
> how to configure this off hand and I can't look it up right now. I
> hope someone else can help. You probably need at least as much swap as
> memory for this to work though.

You will need at least:-


in your /etc/rc.conf file.  See also savecore(8)

> It's not unheard of for NetBSD to panic, but most of the causes I've
> run into are hardware related.
> Andy


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