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Re: Current (from 11-aug-2011) fails booting

On 8/12/2011 2:49 PM, Andy Ruhl wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 12:13 AM, thilo <> wrote:
>> Thank's that would be an option if the kernel would get past the
>> copyright message.
> It's booting well past the copyright message. It's possible that it
How can you tell? The last message it prints is "Loading ffs",
the "Copyright" message neither shows up on the 9600bd serial nor on the
(with DDB_ONPANIC it still reboots before printing the Copyright message
- I verified that).
> could panic at that point, which is why I asked you about ddb.
> Your suspicions about acpi could be correct. You might try booting a
> kernel without it, or maybe disable some or all non essential hardware
Doesn't boot -12  disable ACPI and SMP ?  - Shouldn't that have the same
effect as compiling without support?

My next try is to enable KGDB and see if I can attach to the system.
Is it possible to already attach in the bootstrap loader, or do I have
to wait for the kernel to setup the remote-gdb interface?

> in the bios.
> Andy

fn:Thilo Jeremias
tel;work:+49 15782492240
tel;home:+49 4243941633

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