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Re: NetBSD vs FreeBSD

,--- You/Aleksej (Fri, 05 Aug 2011 02:12:50 +0400) ----*
| Alex Goncharov <> writes:
| How are those dependencies listed in makefiles?
| DEPENDS= perl>=5.10:../../lang/perl5
| and 
| DEPENDS= ${LOCALBASE}/bin/perl:${PORTSDIR}/lang/perl
| differ significantly. (Especially when you have Perl 5.0 installed.)

Ah!... I understand now -- a difference, indeed.  Thanks for explaining this.

| > Contrary to most other posts in this thread, I find this one (yours,
| > that is) written from the perspective, "Never surrender".
| Perhaps others didn't have such a painful experience.

Sorry if my replica upset you.

| > but:
| >
| >   a. Nothing prevents you from using it on FreeBSD (AFAIU).
| Yes, that's what I ended doing when I had to deal with FreeBSD again.


| >   b. You haven't demonstrated, with an example (I could run it for you
| >      on a FreeBSD, if it's brief enough) any functional deficiency of
| >      a FreeBSD port system.
| Do you mean that I should sit down and recall all particularities of
| what exactly I had and did in 2004-2007?

The following is enough for me:

| One of cases is updating mail subsystem of medium-sized corporation
| in state of emergency. Updating PostgreSQL server and client libraries
| with the need to preserve some then considered obsolete spam mitigation
| software. In our case we had to develop our private packages, since
| some software was no longer supported in ports (no longer built or there
| was newer and incompatible version).

Now you explained it (on top of other discussions) -- I am satisfied.  

| For some reason binary packages didn't work, and I had to backup and do
| all development on temporarily halted system. Thank heaven, I had pkgsrc
| and ports development experience then, this helped a lot. When packages
| failed to build due to lack of isolation and ports' depend-on-file-
| -not-on-package misfeature, I knew where to look. Had I had no prior
| knowledge, I would have to restore and waste another "evening" on that.

Thanks for all the input!

-- Alex -- --

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