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Re: NetBSD vs FreeBSD

Alex Goncharov <> writes:

> ,--- You/Aleksej (Thu, 04 Aug 2011 12:33:41 +0400) ----*
> |
> | > | they depend on files instead.
> | >
> | > See above.
> | 
> | What is it in makefiles?
> Can't understand your question.

How are those dependencies listed in makefiles?

DEPENDS= perl>=5.10:../../lang/perl5


DEPENDS= ${LOCALBASE}/bin/perl:${PORTSDIR}/lang/perl

differ significantly. (Especially when you have Perl 5.0 installed.)

> | > So, on FreeBSD
> | >
> | >    make -C editors/emacs LOCALBASE=/usr/pkg-2011Q2 install
> | >
> | > would probably work.  I guess.
> | 
> | Do you mean that I am to pass all those settings along?
> | Am I to implement some dispatching in mk.conf?
> | 
> | Will those packages check /usr/local when building? What if they do?
> | (I remember programs that used to check and maybe still check for
> | libraries in /usr/local when building on FreeBSD.) This may surprise
> | you not in an unpleasant way some day.
> | 
> | > Won't try due to the lack of a need.
> | 
> | That's what I mean when I tell of simplistic usage patterns.
> Contrary to most other posts in this thread, I find this one (yours,
> that is) written from the perspective, "Never surrender".

Perhaps others didn't have such a painful experience.

> pkgsrc may
> have some advantage over the port system, as outlined in this message:
> ,--- Alistair Crooks (Thu, 4 Aug 2011 06:29:49 +0200) ----*
> |
> | my main gripe, as a user, was the absence of audit-packages, and the
> | need to specify either the precise version number of a package, or
> | remember to wildcard things, when using the pkg_install tools, with
> | possibly interesting effects if dealing with something like libtool-\*
> | and libtool-base-\*
> |
> `---------------------------------------------------------*
> but:
>   a. Nothing prevents you from using it on FreeBSD (AFAIU).

Yes, that's what I ended doing when I had to deal with FreeBSD again.

>   b. You haven't demonstrated, with an example (I could run it for you
>      on a FreeBSD, if it's brief enough) any functional deficiency of
>      a FreeBSD port system.

Do you mean that I should sit down and recall all particularities of
what exactly I had and did in 2004-2007?

> I realize that you don't have a reason to do "b", just pointing that
> fact out.

One of cases is updating mail subsystem of medium-sized corporation
in state of emergency. Updating PostgreSQL server and client libraries
with the need to preserve some then considered obsolete spam mitigation
software. In our case we had to develop our private packages, since
some software was no longer supported in ports (no longer built or there
was newer and incompatible version).

For some reason binary packages didn't work, and I had to backup and do
all development on temporarily halted system. Thank heaven, I had pkgsrc
and ports development experience then, this helped a lot. When packages
failed to build due to lack of isolation and ports' depend-on-file-
-not-on-package misfeature, I knew where to look. Had I had no prior
knowledge, I would have to restore and waste another "evening" on that.


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