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Re: Why are drives called "wd0", "wd1", etc?

On 08/04/2011 08:02 PM, Scrap Happy wrote:
Why did it take so long for a (g)tar(1) man page to come into existence?

People (on average) just don't like to prepare good documentation.
"It's boring" seems to be the general attitude. But, in fact, it
is actually very *difficult* to do! Unlike code where you can
"see if it works" (as one measure of your success), documentation
is much more subjective and prone to lots of assumptions on the
part of the writer ("Oh, I thought everyone *knew* that so I
didn't bother to explain it...")

As someone who has written a fair amount of documentation, I can testify to that - it *is* difficult. A lot of work, not much glory.

And, most documentation tends to be written after-the-fact...
describing (often incompletely) how something (appears to) work
instead of how it is intended to work. (there is a subtle
difference, here, but one that, IMO, dramatically affects the
style of the documentation)

Or worse, written by someone who did not write the software, as in my case. I've written documentation for and for the Perl Data Language, and I was not a developer for either. In both cases, I was just a user who got fed up at the lack of documentation and decided to write some.

I'm not overweight, I'm undertall.

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