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Re (2): NetBSD vs FreeBSD

From:   Julio Merino <>
Date:   Tue, 02 Aug 2011 15:37:52 -0400
> Personally, I like NetBSD over the other systems because there is a lot
> of focus in "doing the right thing" technically, and the community
> around it is very smart.  As a result, NetBSD is a very clean and
> consistent system.  But this is only my personal opinion!

Striking that there has been no mention of Inferno or Oberon 
or A2.  For every BMW on the road, there have always been many 
Chevys, primarily because of the cost I suppose.  But Inferno 
doesn't cost much more than Linux.  Entrenchment and familiarity 
are big factors in adoption of computer systems.

Regards,              ... Peter E.

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