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Re: NetBSD vs FreeBSD

On 8/2/11 3:12 PM, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Hello,
> Still curious about the differences between NetBSD and FreeBSD, so
> Googling around I came across this post:
> The poster says that NetBSD is faster.
> Does anyone here agree/disagree? I ask because I thought FreeBSD was
> supposed to be the speedy one.

Hola Daniel,

These generalizations are misleading and harmful.  Both systems are very
fast and optimized.  In the vast majority of cases, the speed at which
they perform operations will depend on the workload and benchmarks,
because no single system is faster than all the others in all possible
situations.  You will have to evaluate the systems for your use case and
decide accordingly.

> In general I don't care much about speed,
> but some times I run simulations on my computer. I have no idea if any
> BSD or Linux is particularly good for that.

The general advice is to try them all and decide which one suits your
needs best.

Personally, I like NetBSD over the other systems because there is a lot
of focus in "doing the right thing" technically, and the community
around it is very smart.  As a result, NetBSD is a very clean and
consistent system.  But this is only my personal opinion!


Julio Merino / @jmmv

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