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Re: NetBSD vs FreeBSD

On Thu, 4 Aug 2011, Alex Goncharov wrote:

> | my main gripe, as a user, was the absence of audit-packages, and the
> | need to specify either the precise version number of a package, or
> | remember to wildcard things, when using the pkg_install tools, with
> | possibly interesting effects if dealing with something like libtool-\*
> | and libtool-base-\*
> |
> `---------------------------------------------------------*
> but:
>   a. Nothing prevents you from using it on FreeBSD (AFAIU).

Our vulnerability database contains pkgsrc package versioning. They will 
most likely not match up with FreeBSD's port's package versions.

Anyways, FreeBSD does have similar tool: portaudit and its FreeBSD ports 
security issues database.  (I have set it up a few times for daily 

I use FreeBSD ports on a few systems for work.

Some things I like about pkgsrc:

- use on multiple operating systems. I use it on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS 
  X, and other systems. (Even on old FreeBSD systems where ports was 

- pkgsrc developers make it a priority to portably patch (so not just 
  specific to NetBSD) and share patches back upstream.

- choose to use an operating system's own X or pkgsrc's X Windowing 

- not interactive (once I set it up to use sudo). (I know FreeBSD ports 
  can be configured to not prompt me.)

- customize where configurations are placed and used and it doesn't 
  overwrite configurations. (And rc.d scripts)

- help from make (describe and teaches about options and commands)

- option framework (FreeBSD has similar and has nice interactive menu 

- staged installs which also verify constitency (now by default)

- may choose between native dependencies versus using packages (for many 

- depot-style installs (some still use it, but I have not used it in a 
  few years)

- automated wrappers for build system and consistent build environments 
  and more resulting in consistent packaging regardless of what may be 

- multiple tools and techniques for upgrades (both binary packages and 
  pkgsrc builds)

- pkg_summary database

- detailed documentation on pkgsrc

- pkgsrc-wip (others can contribute and a playground for testing)

- can override specific version dependencies (dangerous but I use it)

- miscellaneous options like papersize

- specific user and group management for packages

- emailing of MESSAGE files.

- some pkgsrc builds allow running their tests

- choosing acceptable or not-acceptable licenses.

- able to check for library versions (FreeBSD has this some too, but I 
  think is done manually)

- in some cases, pkgsrc has more up-to-date packages for what I need at 
  that time. (But that argument can easily be reversed for others 

- use pkgsrc as non-root and install and use in my own home

But overall both do basically the same thing and FreeBSD does have more 
packages (and Debian has more too :)

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