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Re: Why are drives called "wd0", "wd1", etc?

On Thu, 4 Aug 2011, Daniel Carrera wrote:

> > > # man wd
> > > 
> > >       wd -- WD100x compatible hard disk driver
> > 
> > Huh, go figure. I always took it to mean "winchester drive".
> And WD100x is itself named after Western Digital (says the man page). 
> That was interesting.

The original wd0 and wd# (from Jolitz) was documented as "winchester 
drive 0" and "``winchester'' disk drives (ST506, IDE, ESDI, RLL etc.)".

NetBSD's was rewritten by mid 1995 (and old copyright/license was 
removed even though some comments and names were the same).

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