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Re: Why are drives called "wd0", "wd1", etc?

> From:         Daniel Carrera <> 

Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Hello,
> In Linux, disks have device names like "hda" and "hdb" which I take to 
> mean "hard drive a" and "hard drive b". Why does NetBSD use "wd0", "wd1" 
> etc?

Probably Linux didn't look for compatibility with BSD names when
Linux started.  People reinvent wheels. (eg: USA originated Cell
Phone re-named as Mobile in Britain & Handy in Germany)

One might also ask why does FreeBSD use /dev/da0 & /dev/ad0 & not
wd or hd: Answer: Some OS's & developers tend to adopt changed dev
name types when a major new alternate dev driver is introduced &
other OS developers for consistency keep the same name even if major
functional changes between versions.

> What does the "w" stand for?

Winchester Disc I've always presumed.

Why Linux calls whatever .. & BSD .. calls whatever else  should
best be answered by manuals, else if asked & answered only on mail
list, it will get asked again.  Best send a send-pr for any dev
name that interests you, asking them to add a small line to approriate
man 4 wd + whatever else, with a tiny line: "Historical derivation:

Julian Stacey, BSD Unix Linux C Sys Eng Consultants Munich
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