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Re: NetBSD vs FreeBSD

,--- You/Dustin (Tue, 2 Aug 2011 14:14:19 -0700) ----*
| On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 12:33 PM, Alex Goncharov
| <> wrote:
| > VirtualBox works well on FreeBSD, and was significantly easier to
| > configure than Xen on NetBSD when I used that.  Also, that Xen (about
| > three years ago) used only one processor of a dual processor machine
| > -- I didn't like that at all and my Xen was quickly gone.
| This seems like a common misconception.  Under NetBSD/Xen, NetBSD
| itself can only use a single CPU, but the Xen hypervisor itself can
| use all of them.  So your VMs can have multiple CPUs and the
| hypervisor will schedule them correctly.

Without trying it then, I realized it, but it was not good for my
purposes: I wanted one VM guest at a time, using the whole processing
power of the system.  Wouldn't work.

| I agree with one of the other commenters about NetBSD doing the right
| thing.  Part of the reason I love NetBSD is because it seems clean and
| well designed.  FreeBSD just doesn't have that same feeling to me.  In
| fact, the only reason I ever use FreeBSD anymore is if I need ZFS, and
| I can't use a Solaris derivative.  While it's a fine OS, it just
| doesn't have the same feeling of "done right", although it's miles
| ahead in that area compared to Linux :).

(FreeBSD 8 and 9 (beta) seem very clean to me).

Depends on the needs: sometimes I wonder why I am not using Fedora 14
or Debian on more of my systems.  FUSE support, working with iPod --
something I haven't been able to do on FreeBSD.  And nothing
offensive, once you set up your desktop environment.

-- Alex -- --

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