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Re: man pages not shown

On Mon, Aug 01, 2011 at 05:00:41PM +0200, feralert wrote:
> Im running NetBSD 5.1, I did an clean install and the man command works just
> fine with the default NetBSD, included commands. It only fails with the
> error message posted when i try to see the manual pages of the commands
> installed by me with pkg_add (such as gawk).

The manual pages shipped with NetBDSD are provided as both unformatted and
formatted files. The later file format doesn't require processing with
"nroff" to look at them.

> Following your advice I tried installing 'text' but there was no such a
> package in the ftp (or maybe i did something wrong).

It is available here:<ARCH>/binary/sets/text.tgz

Just replace "<ARCH>" with the output of "uname -p".

> But I was in the right track so I rebooted with the install cd and
> choose to 'Upgrade NetBSD on a hard disk" --> 'Custom installation'
> and then I selected de 'Text processing tools' section, when done I
> rebooted and everything works fine now.

Yes, that will do the trick as well.

        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                        

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