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Re: What makes NetBSD special?

On 31.07.2011 22:47, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Based on this, do you have any thoughts to share about what makes NetBSD
> different from other BSDs?

Speaking for me:

- decent Xen support, stabilized way before it got into Linux vanilla
(years). The "ugliness" required to port to Xen hypervisor was kept in
the x86 MD parts, so yes, even this late, having a clean abstraction
between MD and MI does matter.

- lately, all the work done on virtualization/componentization of the
kernel (rump especially), and the tendency to offer all kind of services
accessible through libraries, which provides enough flexibility without
the need to reinvent the wheel every time, especially when you consider
the tendency to "we need to isolate foo from bar, what can we do? Create
two Linux compartments."

- a script that helps generating images from scratch src, and
handles all the (cross-)compiling + building automagically. Very
practical with point #1.

- lately, the push for automated test runs. It's far from being
exhaustive, but brought a lot of confidence to the OS, IMHO.

> Thanks for the help.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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