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Re: 5.1 installation on Alix 2D13

Andy Ruhl wrote:
It might be
interesting to know if you can make an image of the disk and re-write
it later to see if it works. If not, that might be a bug.

I will be doing a lot of stuff along those lines later, as there will be a small "production run" of these once the process is ironed out.

Those Alix machines look nice, fits right into a question I asked a
little while ago:

I still need to buy an i386 based low power machine to replace my
current i386 machine...


If it wasn't for needing the second and third ethernet ports for this project, I'd have gone with my favorite for tiny boxes... the Alix 3D3. Only one ethernet port, but you get VGA, sound, and a BIOS that allows installing via USB keyboard and CD/DVD.

Ron McDowell
San Antonio TX

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