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Re: Looking for suggestions for small, low power machine

Jukka Marin wrote:

I have walked into local computer stores more than once and found no
CF cards at all..  but it might be better to look at camera stores

Possibly the case. The bit retail computer chains in the UK tend to do general electronics supply including digital cameras.
I have also had problems when trying to buy large quantities of CF
cards - our main supplier hasn't been able to find any reasonably
priced cards for us for a long time.

Never tried to buy in bulk so that could explain our different perspectives. It's a shame really as modern high speed CF cards make good BSD system disks. I've currently got 2 systems that run off CF cards.

1. net4801 IPF firewall currently with a 256MB CF card that is getting a bit cramped now (which is why I was out buying a new one). I'm just in the process of building a new 5-stable install on a new 4GB card to replace the existing system install.

2. P4 system used as a living room media player. That's on a 4GB CF card for the OS install and my home-brewed media player front end. All the media is stored on a separate NetBSD 5/amd64 install that is anything but small and delivered over WLAN using NFS. This isn't really a small system but it would be possible to do the same thing in a much more compact form factor using an Atom system.

Have to love the reliability of both of these systems as the only time I ever restart them is if I've done a software/config update and I want to make sure the changes stick after a reboot.


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