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Re: Looking for suggestions for small, low power machine

Am 03.06.2011 11:07, schrieb Stefano Marinelli:
I still don't know why net5501 doesn't boot from the 2 GB CF card I was trying
to use, but I got it working with a 512 MB Sandisk card.  If I put the same

Don't ask me why, but I have an Alix board and it doesn't boot from a Transcend 
4GB CF card. I've tried everything, but it just doesn't boot any OS I've tried 
on it (NetBSD, FreeBSD, DragonFlyBSD, GNU/Linux).
It works if I try to USB boot using a PC and with an external card reader, but 
no luck with the Alix.
No problems with more than one Sandisk 4GB CF.
Maybe some producers use some "tricks" on geometry of the cards and it seems 
that the Alix (and the net5501, as far as I can see) doesn't like it.

It is a known problem that Alix boards can not boot from some CF cards. It has even been analyzed by the BIOS manufacturor, but no solution was found.

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