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Re: NetBSD in production

On 01.06.2011 21:57, Charles L. Nelson wrote:
> My server instance configuration requires something similar to the following
> - Java
> - Groovy
> - Tomcat
> - Apache HTTP Server
> - PostgreSQL
> - OpenOffice
> - Xorg
> - XDM
> - Rosegarden
> - Cinelerra
> - Evolution
> - GIMP
> - Nautilus
> It would be nice to know if someone else has already done something similar
> to this and what were/are some of the obstacles?

I'd say that Java is the biggest obstacle, at least for heavy-oriented
apps. I have run different Java apps under NetBSD, a few without having
access to the sources. Surprisingly, most of them managed to work "out
of the box", with some glitches here and there (mainly: application
getting unresponsive after a while with a need for kill/restart, and
uber-slow GUI).

Rest is more a matter of having up-to-date packages in pkgsrc
(especially for "low traffic applications" like Rosegarden and Cinelerra).

> - Integration into EC2 infrastructure and related technologies (S3, EBS,
> ...)?

I can comment a bit further on that part, as I am the maintainer behind
NetBSD EC2 AMIs: everything should be fine for 64 bits systems,
including snapshoting and hot-plugging volumes/network devices. 32 bits
still needs love (I have yet to find time to finish it). Usually you use
EBS-backed volumes. [1]


Jean-Yves Migeon

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