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Re: NetBSD in production

On Wed, Jun 01, 2011 at 12:57:43PM -0700, Charles L. Nelson wrote:
> Hey,
> That's a good question.  While I have not used NetBSD in a server platform
> environment I've used it in several embedded platform applications on x86,
> ARM and MIPS projects and I am extremely impressed with the versatility of
> NetBSD.
> I've started a new project on Amazon EC2 infrastructure and I've tentatively
> chosen Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for the Amazon Machine Instances (AMI).
> My server instance configuration requires something similar to the following
> - Java
> - Groovy
> - Tomcat

Sorry to say, but java ain't portable, there's no blessed version
of java running problemlessly under NetBSD - neither a native openjdk
or a sun jdk running under linux emulation. I am able to use it for
the most part in my work place, but sometimes things miraculously fail,
like a java instance whose all threads are sitting in parked. Most of
the times this happens with scala/lift on either tomcat or jetty,
but at times with trivial things such as scala's sbt.

> - OpenOffice

It's been a LONG while since I could successfully build openoffice
with any java version. You'll find you need this for more intricate
DB work (not that anyone would want to use this for any work but
sometimes you have to open/use others' projects)

> - Xorg

There's no acceptable support for nvidia cards. One core of my
quadcore is basically doing graphics "deceleration".

> - XDM
> - Rosegarden

I wasn't aware there's an acceptable version of rosegarden available
under NetBSD (used to fail because of the ALSA assumptions built into



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