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RE: NetBSD in production

That's a good question.  While I have not used NetBSD in a server platform
environment I've used it in several embedded platform applications on x86,
ARM and MIPS projects and I am extremely impressed with the versatility of

I've started a new project on Amazon EC2 infrastructure and I've tentatively
chosen Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for the Amazon Machine Instances (AMI).

My server instance configuration requires something similar to the following
- Java
- Groovy
- Tomcat
- Apache HTTP Server
- PostgreSQL
- OpenOffice
- Xorg
- Rosegarden
- Cinelerra
- Evolution
- Nautilus

It would be nice to know if someone else has already done something similar
to this and what were/are some of the obstacles?
- Integration into EC2 infrastructure and related technologies (S3, EBS,

And statistics.
- Connection rate?
- Transactions per minute?
- etc...

Very cool, thanks,



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Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2011 4:31 AM
Subject: NetBSD in production

Hi folks,

I´d like to know who of you is running NetBSD in production. For example

-what kind of application/service
-what platform (type, configuration)
-what branch
-what critically
-what version(s) of NetBSD
-what pros do you see
-what is missing / could be improved



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