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Re: About NetBSD and Xen (Was: Stability of -current for a Xen Dom0 machine)

Ok, performed some more tests. 

> just with acpicpu.  I'm now compiling -current with acpicpu(4) enabled and 
> will test it. I'm sure it will do the trick. 

With acpicpu kernel (GENERIC config, just disabled all the other powersave 
options and enabled the acpicpu) the machine's power requirements are 
comparable to Debian Squeeze. And that's a very good result.

> More, I've also found another [2] thread and it seems that 
> cpufreq=dom0-kernel could work, even if I don't think it's been tested (or at 
> least I could not find proper information) with acpicpu. 
> Will test it and report back. If it will work, it will have solved my main 
> problem.

This doesn't work: the XEN0 config hasn't a "acpicpu" option and if trying to 
add it, it refuses to compile.
So for now, no power management for me on Xen Dom0 :(


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