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Re: About NetBSD and Xen (Was: Stability of -current for a Xen Dom0 machine)

Am Mittwoch 09 März 2011, 19:44:03 schrieben Sie:
> cpus), but I think the difference will be quite huge. On the notebook,
> this causes fans to be on at all the time. NetBSD without Xen has the same
> power drain. Debian without Xen has the same power drain of NetBSD UNLESS
> i load the powernow-k8 driver. At that point, it goes down to 45W, too.
but this should depend from the drivers the OS provides for power saving 
mechanism - not xen byself. On high load servers power saving is not a main 
question - so this might be OK for such situations.

In Xen 3.4(2/3) are several newer technologies which are build for the xen 4
 system / release (regarding subsystems performance, flexibility and others). 
I assume that the step from 3.(2/3) to 3.4 in NetBSD would be larger then in 
other xen minors before. 

Many management tools still relying on 3.x as with 4.0 and especially 4.1 the 
config syntax was changed in several parts and not backward compatible (some 
see that as features, others not...).

Anyhow - it would be really nice to see xen 4 in netBSD ;)

best regards,



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